Hello, I'm Stephanie Oster

I'm a Northwest photographer who specializes in bold, dynamic imagery.   My clients love color, contrast, and a sprinkle of edge. 

Oh hey there, you feeling a little curious...I don't blame ya.  Here's a little backstory... Music, nature, and interesting people, make me tick. I am hopelessly devoted to chasing inspiration.  I have spent the past 7 years traveling the world, and working in some of the most gorgeous places that the United States has to offer.  Nature has become my religion, and I spend much of my free time camping, backpacking or traveling in my van/home baby blue.  When I'm not living nomadically in the middle of nowhere, I go to concerts.  Music is amazing, and seeing live performances gives me fire. I am an artist by nature, and possess a BFA in sculptural ceramics, but with the changing scenery of my adult life, Photography is the natural fit.  I recently purchased a full frame Canon 5d Mark III and decided to start shooting exclusively.  I am building a thriving reputation within the Northwest Music Scene as a dynamic live show photographer, I have started booking weddings and private lifestyle shoots, and I will continue to be committed to adventure and travel.  My clients are adventurous, outdoorsy, and a bit edgy.  They don't like posing, they don't like standing still and they don't like the idea of a photographer up in their face.  I completely understand the awkwardness of a photo shoot, and instead of pretending that it doesn't exist, I help you feel comfortable...you are my people!   I bring energy and fun to all of my shoots, I focus on candid photography, authentic moments, and create a fun hangout type of vibe.  My attitude has gained me access with musicians, foreigners, and super beautiful people who aren't necessarily photogenic.  Everyone looks their best when they are relaxed and having fun.  I am great at doing just that!   I bring comfort, confidence and skill to all of my shoots, and don't be surprised if you gain a life long friendship in the process.  

weddings/portraits/engagements/promotion/families/lifestyle/concerts/Head shots

For booking click here: MiAuroria@gmail.com